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Sep. 2018, International Graphene Application Exposition, Booth No.: C04


The International Graphene Innovation Conference (GRAPCHINA) had been held successfully four times by CGIA from 2014 to 2017. GRAPCHINA attracted more than 700 companies, 3000 people from 30 countries in 2017. The congress exhibited the achievements of top Chinese graphene industry to the whole world since then. From those conferences, China graphene industry had fully communicated with the international graphene industries for their remarkable experiences, fortunately, and had created our own international communication platform for regional innovation. The participants will have the great opportunity to meet downstream users, upstream suppliers, equipment providers, policy makers, academics and investors at the same time. They will continue the discussion on commercial solutions and researching trends, recent developments and latest technologies.


GRAPCHINA had become the greatest and largest scale event of international Graphene industry implemented by CGIA and local government. GRAPCHINA, granted as the Global Graphene Autumn Conference, would be considered as the only one comprehensive Graphene industry congress with convention, exhibition, communication and decision in China. We sincerely invite global Graphene companies and institutions for cooperation, exhibition and investment in GRAPCHINA. 

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