Generally speaking homogeneity means dispersing the solute into solvent uniformly. In engineering terms we describe it as: One process of mixing two or more materials by forced convectionto make the air, liquidand even suspended particles uniform. Homogenizer is just the specialized machine in this progress.


Make the dispersed material exists as corpuscle,and  distributed uniformly among disperse medium
Take Silver Paste as exaple:Metal particulate of silver (submicron particle)exist uniformly in the

organic solvent. 

That is called dispersed. And normally speaking, for produce the best properties of some kind of 

material, we'd better have the material dispersed.

Rotation and revolution

It is also called dual centrifugal or planetary rotation. Take the Earth as example. 
The Earth rotates around its own middle axle, at the same time the Earth orbits around the

sun in a bigger radius(rotation period is one day and revolution period is one year)。

Air Bubble defoaming

If air or air bubbles exist in the mixed material, the properties of materials will be changed, 
and even the function and performance can not be achived. There are normally two ways of 
defoaming: Gravity extrusion and Negative pressure
Take LED industrial as example. After the phosphor powder and silicon resin are mixed, there will 
be air bubbles in the mixture.Only the gravity produced during mixing and defoam 80% of bubbles. 
If negative pressure is added, 99.99% air bubbles will be defoamed ideally.

Vacuum Defoaming

Place the mixture in a airtight space. By Vacuum Pump or somother vacuum unit, the negative
pressure is formed(such as several or dozens times of Atmosphere) And then the air or air bubbles
will be squeezed out and drained。

The airtight lumen under the U-cover board. Vacumm & Mixing,

By Vacuum Pump the negative pressure is most air bubbles are deformed.

formed(-99.9KPA Max) No bubbles found under 40X microscope.

Needle tubing centrifuge mixing

The normal mixing carrier is cups. The most different point between cups and needle tubings is

that the needle tubing long and thin and a embossment on its top side.
That make it hard to make the material on the top convective motion by mormal centrifuge mixing.

Single centrifuge mixing Planetary Mixing(Rotation and revolution)

Suitable for ordinary requirment Suitable for high-glass requirment。


Coat the paste resin,molten state polymer, or polymer on paper, cloth, plastic thin film. That is

called coating.
Take the lithium battery as example. The Slurry of lithium cobalt oxides,lithium manganate and

lithium iron phosphate(Thickness range: 50--400 micrometer) will be coat by a special equip-

ment on the battery diaphragm. That is called coating。

Conventional Coating Schematic Lithium Battery

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